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BS 7255:2001

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Risk Assessment

At PDERS the safety of all passengers and employees who use the lifts installed, maintained, serviced and repaired by our company is paramount.

The British Standards Committee has published what it describes as a ‘vital’ safety guide for lift engineers and owners.

BS 7255:2001 provides the ‘lift owner’ with definitive guidance in terms of his/her responsibilities and those of ‘the industry’. The owner is defined as the “legal entity having right of possession of a lift and responsibility for its safe working”. The owner is usually the landlord or proprietor of the building in which the lift is operated.

Clause 4.3.1 states “The owner and the lift contractor should undertake a lift health and safety Risk Assessment to establish safety measures to ensure the safety of persons engaged in undertaking the work and persons using the lifts.”

Clause 4.3.2 states “The safety measures identified by Risk Assessment should be implemented wherever practicable.”

PDERS provides FREE Risk Assessment Reports annually as part of a PDERS Maintenance Contract Maintenance Contract.

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